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Welcome to Avatar Add Me. A community that will hopefully allow Avatar fans find friends that at least share a common interest, Avatar, and maybe more.

As much as I hate to do this, but rules will be made.... it's no fun for me to have to, but I want to keep this a friendly community. As you can tell from the interests, I tried to list all of the favorite characters and plausible pairings as well. So with that, let's get on with the rules.
[x]No bashing of pairings... if you do not like a certain pairing, simply state that you do not prefer the pairing, it's that simple... going on into a huge monologue about why you hate it and a thesis on how it won't work out is not only insulting to those who like it, but also annoying.
[x]Be kind. If you feel that you wouldn't want to become friends with someone, simply don't respond to their post, don't be a jerk.
[x]Keep it PG-13. I don't know how smut talk could happen, but I'm pretty darn sure it can... so keep the potty language down ladies and gents.
[x]Be Openminded. For example, if someone on here likes Jiko(JinxZuko) and you like Soko(SongxZuko), but the Jiko fan has a lot of other interests that you like(like books, series, etc...). Keep an open mind and try to friend them.


The following under a cut if over three sentences-
Why Avatar?:
Favorite Character:
Favorite Shipping(if any):
Other Fandoms:

The Zutara community
The Jetara community

Other than that, have fun and make new friends.

A big thank you to agnikai for the layout.